Anti-money laundering agreement

By accepting the Anti-money laundering agreement, customer will be able to use all the NYX company operating services in various work fields as well as related projects and departments. Additionally during the time of cooperation and membership, the obligations and actions of the client on the customer are regulated to all the rules of money laundering of the NYX country and the countries of the operating trading partners. whenever the first party or the beneficial authorities of the customer were made sure that the client membership, actions or their initial capital are taken to mean of illegal usage, illegitimate interests or any action that is considered as money laundering, the NYX company shall individually cancel the agreement without any noticing and shall sever the client access from all financial facilities and any type of communication. Moreover all the clients’ movable or immovable properties are confiscated and distrained by the NYX company. Furthermore the NYX company has a right to receive from the client, the entire legal, brand or financial losses which was fulfilled to the NYX company, afterward of calculating that by the NYX company.